Buying Home

 Best deal in Vegas? What my rental properties would be?

 -- Put your investment funds down, we care it for you: purchase it, rent it and sell it.

Best Rental Properties:  Looking for NICE neigborhood, NEWER homes 3bedroom +2bath + 2 car garage, under $120k, possiblely rented it out for $1000 per month or more.  What is your cacurate telling you? Cap rate10% or more...

High Rise Condo: Wooo. The GOLD Bar in Vegas!  The top quality  luxury condos in the world; 1/2 price or less than previous sales price now most of them; Beautiful community, convience locations, and more fun. This is the best of all! 

Chinatown House Listings/Old houses:  Old homes are charactized homes, it is in central location, walking distance to shopping area, bus station and more.  Under $80k or less NOW!

Golf course homes:  All Green Land, it is your dream homes.  Best choice for your retirment home, or second home.  Get it NOW!

Below Market Value Condos: Unbelievable price for these cozy condo homes.  No matter for yourself or investment.  You can afford to have it.