Price For you

Purchasing a home =======> FREE

Manage homes==========>4% -10%

Selling homes===========> You and I decide.

 1.  First service fee is $600-$1000;   This will be good for one year lease up. IF we did not find tenants, we don't charge you;  Put Ads in public, showing property, screen tenants, three verification job, credit, employment and rental history; walk through with tenants; collecting all funds and more.                                                                                                                                                

2.  Lease renew fee is $250;  Walk though all paper work, renew document, make history report to our landlord;

 3.  If tenants rental payments late, we send out 5 days notice, and start to have eviction processing. There are several fees involved: 5 days notice fee, court fee; eviction serive fee; $60 -100 changing lock fee. It would be around $400.  These fees are tenants', we would collect from landlords' funds first. Landlord can request the tenants for paying these fees. 

 4. Our monthly service fee is from 4%-10% based on your individule home rental income and house condition, minum charge is $50 on each home. Sorry we don't manage apartment units.

All these fees are flexible based on volums of your properties and properties' condition.